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Postalloy® 150HD Vanguard is a tubular hardfacing electrode that provides a dense, heterogeneous deposit of vanadium - tungsten carbides, along with other elements to enhance wear resistance, resulting in a very good combination of abrasion and impact resistance. This makes it superior to chromium carbide hardfacing alloys and almost equal to tungsten carbide in hardness at half the weight. Postalloy Vanguard 150HD is not a replacement for tungsten carbide overlays. However, it is a good alternative to tungsten carbide hardfacing alloys when they are too expensive or when MIG carbide embedding is not available or impractical. Unlike straight tungsten carbides, which are heavy and forced to the bottom of the weld puddle, the composition of Postalloy®150HD Vanguard is ideally balanced to provide a uniform distribution of vanadium - tungsten carbides throughout a tough steel matrix that takes more impact than both chromium and tungsten carbides. Also, it provides a very consistent wear rate and is designed for multiple re-applications. An excellent choice for many different hardfacing applications including mining, construction, recycling, dredging, forestry and sugar industries.

Product Type

Flux-coated Tubular Electrode

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Weld Deposit Properties
Deposit Thickness  
Does not check crack with proper procedures.  
Cannot be flame-cut
Machinable: No  
Heat Resistance: Up to 900 F (480 C)  


Ammonia injector knives

Conveyor screws

Ditch and trenching teeth

Debarking hammers


Shredder and Fibrizer hammers

Drill collars

Dozer end bits

Grinding equipment

Recycling wear parts


Shovel bucket sides, lips, teeth and adaptors


Shredder hammers


Sugar cane cutting knives (Cuchillas)

Sugar cane hammers

Fibrizer cane hammers (Martillo)

POSTALLOY® 150HD Vanguard    Welding Parameters
Current: AC or DC Reverse Polarity
Diameter Amps
1/4" (6.0mm)80 - 140
Packaging Options
Standard Packaging
1/4" (6.0mm)
Resealable Plastic Box